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Understanding Garage Door Extension Springs

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

Extension garage door springs are specifically built for a door height. For instance, an extension spring that is used for a garage door that measures 7 feet high cannot be used for 8-feet high doors. It is because the lift of the spring will be affected, and will not last long.Understanding Garage Door Extension Springs

The pulley system stretches the spring to about half of the height of the door. An 8-feet high door’s stretch is 27 x 48. The number 48 (in inches) is the difference between the length of the door when it is open or closed. When you double 48 inches, you will get 96 inches, which is equal to 8 feet (door height). 27 represents the spring length in inches when it is compressed. Springs can be found on multiple lengths for different door heights. Longer ones are used for taller doors.

What are the Specifications?

Extension springs are built to lift a specific weight. A 70-pound extension spring will lift 70 pounds of weight. However, the pulley system makes it lift only 35 pounds of the door’s weight since the extension spring on the other side lifts the other 35. These springs are also color-coded. Tan is for 100 pounds, white is for 110, green for 120, yellow for 130 and so on and so forth. They are painted with their specific color on one end. The material for the garage door springs used is essential. It is best to buy springs only from reputable garage door companies who give so much value to the products they offer.

E\Our experts at garage door repair Kennesaw say that low quality springs are more brittle than the others. Steel from the US is a good source for springs, pulleys, and other door parts. When time comes that the springs have to be replaced, you should replace all of them and not just one, since it may cause imbalance since older springs may lessen its tension.

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