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Develop your knowledge with these FAQs for garage door repair. Here are the right responses.

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I wanted to have windows on my garage door. How should I know that the windows are secured?

Make sure that you will purchase windows that are secured for your garage door. There are windows that are tempered and translucent. They feature beautiful designs to compliment the stylishness of your household. There are reputable companies that sell reliable tempered and translucent windows for your garage doors. Garage Door Repair Kennesaw professionals will recommend where to purchase these products.

What should I consider when buying a garage door opener?

There are several factors to consider when buying a garage door opener. The top factors to consider are the type of drive, the door size and weight, power requirement, door size, safety and security features offered, the opener’s lights, battery backup features, wall controls and entry pad, the remote control, or to install by oneself, warranties and the price.

How can I clean my steel garage door?

Use a clean cloth and water to clean the garage door first. Then use a mild detergent if required. If there are windows then they need to be cleaned with much care. Only non-abrasive detergents should be used as the rest of them tend to scratch the door and window. If you need to paint the door then follow the manufacturer's instruction and use only good quality latex type paint.

How can I check the sensors?

The experts of our garage door repair company in Kennesaw recommend putting a chair under the closing door to see if the system works. Make sure they are facing each other because the reverse mechanism will be activated only when the beam will sense the obstacle.

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