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Our team can replace springs that has been broken at your convenience.

Welcome to this page of garage door repair tips. New information and updated points.

  • Get the right commercial opener

    Garage door openers have similar but different characteristics and some are produced to serve the needs of commercial places. Pay attention to the requirements of your own establishment in order to choose the right openers and our experts in Kennesaw can help you select the proper ones.

  • Revive Stuck Hinges and Rollers Properly

    It is inevitable that rollers and hinges will eventually get stuck as the garage door becomes increasingly worn out. But it doesn’t mean they can’t be used anymore. Garage Door Repair Kennesaw experts say that soaking these parts in kerosene, or using a small brush to penetrate corroded areas will help revive their usual functions.

  • Do not leave your garage door opener in your car

    As garage doors can be used as an access to your home, some thieves steal the garage door opener and remote controls and use them to gain access to your home and steal things. So don’t leave your garage door opener or remote control in your car as you are giving thieves access to your homes.

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