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Garage Door Springs

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Some of the lightest garage doors weigh in excess of 150 pounds. If you're built like the Hulk, then lifting such a heavy door every single time you need to drive your car may be no problem, but if you're like everyone else, then you need some help from the garage door springs.Garage Door Springs

How Garage Door Springs Work

There are two different kinds of springs that are used to lift the door up in your garage. It doesn't matter whether you have the single panel or the sectional overhead door, both of these are attached to the springs similarly. The first type of spring is the torsion spring. This is secured to a shaft that's installed right above the doorway. At both ends of the shaft are cable drums that guide the cables that are attached to the end of the door. As the door is lifted, the spring slowly uncoils, turning the shaft, pulling in the cables thereby lifting the door up the vertical tracks, guiding it to rest on the horizontal tracks. The extension spring is the second type and unlike the torsion spring, it is situated at the left and right sides of the door. Some manufacturers also have them just beside the horizontal tracks. And instead of using torsion, an extension spring uses the force of its recoil to carry the weight of the door.

The Danger of Tinkering with Springs

Working with garage door springs is not something you should just casually decide to do one boring Sunday afternoon. The dangers are real and the consequences of not taking the right safety precautions are severe. Springs that fail can cause you physical harm as well as damage your vehicle. Mishandled springs have been known to mangle limbs and even cause serious injuries leading to death. If your springs need adjustment, if you're looking to update your setup or if you want to have them replaced for safety reasons, then call us now. Garage Door Repair Kennesaw is here to help. Our company provides professional repair services to ensure that your door and springs are working optimally and you and your family are kept safe.

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