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What Will Garage Doors Look Like in the Future

10/16/2013 Back To Blog

It's hard to predict the future developments and even those who engage on scientific research keep a low profile, but current reality may give us some hints. You just have to consider that a few decades earlier we wouldn't even consider opening the garage door with the pressing of the button or observing garage doors closing on their own if we forget to close them ourselves. Today, these automatic functions are taken for granted and manufacturers are trying to enrich contemporary openers with new features, which could enhance further our safety and security.What Will Garage Doors Look Like in the Future

Let's focus on our security

  • The technology of remote controls is changing very rapidly. Today, we have the pleasure of rolling code models and some wireless garage door keypad devices give us the chance to use special codes to enter the house. According to most experts at any garage door repair services in Kennesaw, tomorrow will be even a brighter day because we won't only use our fingertips to enter the garage, but perhaps our voice or eyes.
  • The sensors have conquered the markets of Georgia and our hearts because they can ensure our safety. Today, we enjoy the reverse mechanism of the electric openers; tomorrow we will have a smart house, a smart garage and a smart garage door that will turn on the lights and close the door while it welcome us into our home.
  • The mechanism will be operated by a long distance through your smartphone and you can have a full picture of the situation at home by afar.
  • The new garage door parts will warn you for possible malfunctions with a sound or voice and, therefore, the service will take place on time and on the right parts.
  • The future of the cars lie on electricity and the future solar panels will feed them by collecting sun all day long. They might even distribute the collected energy throughout the whole house.
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